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Updates & Reminders

  • Grant Check Delays: Mail distribution is experiencing some delays causing grant checks to take longer than usual to reach their destination. Please allow 2.5 weeks to pass before being concerned that your check has not arrived. Many charities are also changing their mailing addresses where they receive checks. When submitting your grant request, please confirm the address matches what is shown in our database and provide contact information for new charities you are entering. If you notice the address is incorrect, please provide the correct address in your notes with the grant request. We always confirm addresses before mailing, but this additional step can help the check to arrive faster.
  • Investment Options: There are different options available for investing DAF assets. In addition to our Liberty Strategies, in 2017 we launched our Investment Advisor Program (IAP). This program allows accounts with a market value of at least $500,000 to nominate their financial advisor to select individual stocks for the DAF assets to be invested.
  • Succession Reminder: Please make sure your plans are in place for how you want the balance of your account to be distributed upon the death of the donor advisor(s). You can name a successor advisor or complete a Legacy Giving Recommendation telling us what charities you want to receive grants, when and how much.
  • Raymond James Charitable Grant Initiative: Inspired by your philanthropy, the Raymond James Charitable board of trustees created a grant program to provide up to $10,000 to selected nonprofit organizations that exhibit a positive and enduring influence in their respective communities. Browse the list of recipients of the inaugural Raymond James Charitable Grant Initiative and see the kind of meaningful work these grants will enable.