Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement intended to unleash the power of radical generosity. It started in 2012 simply as a day dedicated to doing good. It’s since grown into a year-round global movement, inspiring hundreds of millions of people like you to give, collaborate and celebrate generosity.

And there’s a myriad of ways to give – volunteering your time, providing a monetary donation, speaking up for others who don’t have a voice or platform, or simply lending a helping hand.

Whatever you choose, giving is an act of kindness – something our world needs more and more of. And the great part is, you get something back when you give. A sense of fulfillment, joy and pride in knowing that you helped cast a ray of positivity into the community around you.

How do you plan to celebrate Giving Tuesday? At Raymond James Charitable, we celebrate by hosting a virtual event for clients and advisors across the nation to learn more about their giving options. Because when you choose to give, why not make sure you’re doing it in the most strategic way?

Here are some other ideas of how you can celebrate Giving Tuesday:

  • Volunteer at your local community food pantry
  • Pick up trash or debris at a local park
  • Have a family meeting and pick two or three charities you want to support together
  • Write a note to a friend or neighbor who may be struggling or feeling lonely
  • Provide a meal for a family in need or going through a tough time
  • Give someone an unexpected compliment
  • Offer your expertise to a group that could benefit from your knowledge and information
  • Let another car pass in front of you
  • Pay for coffee for the person behind you in the drive-thru
  • Donate your old books to the public library

Big or small, every act of generosity counts, and everyone has something to contribute. Be a part of making the world a better, more generous place for us all.

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